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Since childhood, I've loved the outdoors—I was the tomboy and my older sister was the princess. You often found me swinging by a rope over the nearby creek with my brother, going fishing with my dad and sleeping by the riverbank on a blanket. During the summer months, I spent several weeks at my granddaddy's farm. I was a little leery of the cows and chickens, but making and decorating mud pies and raiding the bee hives for honey filled my time. I learned the strenuous task of picking cotton by hand. My grandmother cooked on a wood stove, and you'll never taste anything better than homemade butter. Those adventures with dad along with the times at my grandparent's farm are my fondest childhood memories.

I grew up during the racial unrest and rock’n roll era of Elvis Presley in the southern town of Memphis, Tennessee. In 1966 I married Chuck. A son Rick and a daughter Angela came along to complete our family. As a result of FedEx opening a data center in Colorado Springs, our family moved to Colorado. And I'm thankful I landed here!

From early childhood, I had an innate desire to create and travel and dreamed of becoming a professional artist. But my favorite Aunt Irma, a Certified Professional Secretary, exerted a zealous parental-like influence for me to follow her same career path. I still have her IBM Selectric typewriter, along with a half dozen font balls (I think that's what they're called).

After working at several not-so-satisfying jobs, I earned a commercial art degree from Pikes Peak Community College. My first graphic design job was at Christian Booksellers Association. The most gratifying art moment was when I created a cover design for the CBA magazine Bookstore Journal. When I got to Washington DC for their annual convention, everyone was carrying that magazine with my art on the cover. But after eight years of an overwhelming workload, I left  to start my freelance business. There were times of remorse when I reflected on the excitement of traveling to conventions and the satisfaction of creating art for the magazine at CBA, but the rewards were greater as a freelance designer.

Constantly nourished by Colorado's scenic beauty, my ongoing love for the outdoors includes downhill skiing, mountain biking, camping, hiking Colorado's trails along with a few fourteeners, and nature photography. My children grew up with the same passions.

My twenty-eight-year marriage ended abruptly with the death of my husband.  The children left home, married, and started their own lives. The empty nest gave me the time to indulge my deep longing for adventure.
Many travel adventures came along and include:
  Rain forests of New Zealand and that country's enormous beauty.
Sunbathing in the beaches of the Bahamas.
Viewing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris.
Tasting a real Belgium waffle dripping with chocolate.
Soaking in the bright hues of the floral fields of Holland.
Biking eight days across Germany and learning about their culture.
Crisscrossing Switzerland by rail.
Suffering from the heat and deprivation of Ukraine while helping
    at a kid's camp.
Enjoying the many cultures that our wonderful country has to offer
    from east to west and north to south.
Traveling by ferry to Alaska—a place that embraces the most
    spectacular wildlife viewing in the world.

I was involved with Pikes Peak Writers for thirteen years as administrator, registrar, contest coordinator, and graphic artist. The time came to hone my writing skill, retire from this organization, and actually write those children's stories I had mulled over for years. My first novel was published and is a middle-grade action adventure
novel, Two Degrees from Zero, A Snowboarding Adventure. 

Now that I'm retired, I have lots of free time to indulge myself in creating art, traveling, skiing, hiking and many other activities that satisfy my need for adventure and creativity.

MEMBER:  Pikes Peak Watercolor Society




2009 Blazer Ski Club: First Place in Art Show for “ASPENS AFIRE” Painting